5 Reasons Blacksticks Blue is Better Than a Woman This Valentine’s Day

5 Reasons Blacksticks Blue is Better Than a Woman This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, where everyone you see seems to be loved up and happy in anticipation of the most romantic day of the year. If you are one of those people, then good for you, sincerely, we’re glad you’re happy. However, if it’s not, then that’s ok too! Singletons of the world, chase away those Valentine’s Day blues… with a bit o’ blue, Blacksticks Blue.

Here are 5 reasons you should fall in love with Blacksticks Blue and Taste the Unexpected instead this year:

#1 – Blacksticks Blue will never leave you

Not like that time in secondary school where you got dumped in front of all your friends. Not that you’re bitter or anything… You barely ever wake up in the night with cold sweats reliving the memory anymore. Blacksticks Blue is always there in your hour of need.

#2 – Blacksticks Blue is just happy to be in your stomach company

Expensive trips to Paris? Forget it. Extravagant gifts? No need! Blacksticks Blue is perfectly happy to sit there, looking all content, melted on top of some toast whilst you play video games. Of course, it’s important that you maintain your dexterity for that important FIFA tournament!

#3 – Everything is always so easy with Blacksticks Blue

Blacksticks Blue is a low maintenance cheese that won’t mind if you want to spend a few extra hours drinking finely brewed craft ales with your friends. So what if it’s your anniversary… Right? You deserve some you time. In fact, Blacksticks Blue goes great with craft ales.

#4 – Blacksticks Blue isn’t stuck up

Equally at home on a gnarly looking burger (or pizza) as it is garnishing a delightful amuse-bouche. Blacksticks Blue won’t look down its nose at you, not like your ex, Judgey McJudgeface, who said it was “simply unacceptable” to wear the same pair of socks 4 days in a row. Well, excuse me madame!

#5 – Blacksticks Blue will always let you choose the film

You want to watch Die Hard for the fifteenth time? Yippee Ki Ye! Rather watch the football instead? The title race is hotting up to be fair, it might be good to see if Chelsea can maintain their unbeaten run. You do things your own way with Blacksticks Blue.

There you have it singletons, perk up your Valentine’s Day with some Blacksticks Blue, available now in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Booths and Morrison’s. If you’re in a relationship, fear not, Blacksticks Blue is very discreet… or maybe you could be adventurous and share with your other half?

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