How Cheese Is Made

How we make Butlers Traditional Farmhouse Lancashire Cheese

1 . How we make Butlers Traditional Farmhouse Lancashire Cheese

Our cheese is still made by hand, in open vats and individual round cheeses are still cloth bound and waxed in the traditional way. The exact details of our family recipe remains a closely guarded secret but here's a little taste of the care and love that goes into making every individual Butlers Farmhouse Cheese. It takes three days to make each cheese and then anything up to 12 or 14 months of careful maturation for the perfect traditional mature Tasty Lancashire. No wonder it tastes so special!

We Pasteurise the Milk

2 . We Pasteurise the Milk

Milk is collected fresh each morning from Lower Barker and other local farms. Our long term relationships with our local farmers are extremely important to us and it means that we can get the freshest, best quality milk essential for making the best cheese.

Curds and Whey

3 . Curds and Whey

The milk is cooled to 32C and filled into our open vat. We add our starter culture and vegetarian rennet. The milk acidifies and the milk proteins clump together to form a "junket". We then cut the junket and start the process of separating the curds from the whey.

Working the Curd

4 . Working the Curd

The curds are transferred to our draining table and the whey starts to drain away. The curds are worked by hand to drive the whey out and strengthen the curd. We use a very slow process to develop the flavours and traditional buttery crumble texture that Butlers Farmhouse Lancashire is famous for before salting and milling the curds ready for pressing.


5 . Pressing

The curds are hand filled into individual round moulds before being pressed overnight.


6 . Binding

Each cheese is turned out of its mould and hand bound in a traditional muslin cheese cloth.


7 . Drying

The cheese is rested overnight to allow the surface moisture to dry off and provide a good surface for the wax


8 . Waxing

Each traditional cheese is waxed to protect it during its maturation.

Maturing the Cheese

9 . Maturing the Cheese

The cheese is aged in our cheese store to achieve the perfect texture and flavour. It is now down to the skill of the cheese grader to select the perfect cheese for each customer and flavour profile. Whilst a mild and creamy Lancashire may only mature for 3 months we still want to produce a cheese with a rounded, interesting flavour. A Tasty Lancashire can take anything up to 12 or 14 months to fully develop the complex savoury flavours for which Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has become famous.

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