12 Days of Christmas Cheese Feast 2200g

Countdown to Christmas with a cheese a day!

Name Quantity
Creamy Lancashire 1 piece
Button Mill 1 piece
Double Gloucester 1 piece
Red Leicester 1 piece
Trotter Hill 1 piece
Sunday Best 1 piece
‘This is Proper’ Goats Cheese 1 piece
Ravens Oak* 1 piece
Kidderton Ash* 1 piece
Beacon Blue* 1 piece
Stratford Blue* 1 piece
Blacksticks Blue* 1 piece

Allergens: All cheese is made with Milk.

Suitable for vegetarians. Made with pasteurised milk.

*Please note: Our soft and blue cheeses have a maximum of 28 days life on at time of despatch.
If you’d like to eat these cheeses on the run up to Christmas please select a delivery date of closer to Christmas.
Any items on your order alongside this product will be despatched at the same time. Any queries please call us on 01772 781500.

Total weight: 2200


SKU: L010143