Butlers Celebration Cheese Cake 7.6kg

Name Quantity Strength
Large Base plate
Butlers Farmhouse Red Leicester 1 piece 3/5
Butlers Farmhouse Double Gloucester 1 piece 4/5
Butlers Farmhouse Tasty Lancashire 1 piece 4/5
Butlers Farmhouse Creamy Lancashire 1 piece 2/5
Butlers Farmhouse Cheddar 1 piece 4/5
Kidderton Ash 2 pieces 3/5
Ravens Oak 3 pieces 3/5
Blacksticks® Blue 1 piece 3/5
Stratford Blue 1 piece 3/5

Total weight:  7.6kg  

Our Celebration Cake is the perfect alternative for any occasion! Decorate in your our personal style, ideal for weddings, parties and birthdays.

Decorations not included.

Cheese is packed as single units – does not come assembled.

Orders must be placed a minimum of two weeks in advance of your required delivery date. Please indicate your required delivery date below and we will select the cheese for your special occasions. We can complete your order in less time but the more time we have we can select and set aside the best cheeses for you – please email us and we will be happy to help.

Suitable for Vegetarians

Made using pasteurised milk


SKU: L010005