Farmhouse Red Leicester Cheese 1.5kg

An authentic Red Leicester cheese that is bright like the setting sun with outstanding flavours that are strong and creamy with just a little nuttiness for balance.

We use traditional handmade methods in our fourth-generation family dairy based in the heart of rural Lancashire.

This cheese is handcrafted in open vats and filled into individual moulds before being bound with muslin cheesecloth and pressed and matured for seven months.

Place it on your cheeseboard for added colour and contrast or make yourself a good old classic ploughman’s lunch with pickled onions, plenty of chutney and a generous wedge of our finest Red Leicester cheese.

(Marble cheeseboard not included).

Allergens: Milk

Suitable for Vegetarians. Made with pasteurised milk

Total weight: 1.5kg

Strength: 4 / 5


SKU: L010009